A Guide to Perfect Wedding Heels

Picking out the perfect wedding shoes is not intended to be an easy task. The sheer magnitude of colors, sizes, shapes and styles can be dizzying. Find the right wedding heels that match your dress is more complicated. For the purpose of making it a little easier for you, let’s review some essential tips. Don’t Compromise on Comfort The single most important criterion for picking out the right pair of shoes should be comfort. These shoes will be on your feet on the most important day of your life from morning till the last moments of the night. You’ll be running from place to place, mingling with your guests and hopping on the dance floor. This will not be easy with shoes that are biting your feet and wreaking havoc. Choose shoes that provide extra padding and support. Wear Them In Many people unwrap their glistening their shoeboxes on the day of the wedding like a Christmas gift. Don’t wait so long to break into your shoes. Try them on before the big day, walk around in them and assess their comfort level. The last thing you want to be doing on your big day is stumbling on your wedding heels. Stick to the Theme If your wedding resembles a Cinderella-esque ball, glamorous wedding heels or a perfect pair of silver wedding shoes would fit right in. Not so much if it is a beach wedding. Also, try to find a pair that will go along with what your partner is wearing. Remember, it starts from the ground up. Don’t Go Cheap Yes, there is a budget. But one mistake people often make is spending too much on the dress and not enough on the shoes. You should set aside at least 15% of what you spent on your dress for your shoes. Start early, scour sales but don’t compromise on an essential part of your wedding attire.

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